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Peter Leary

Peter Leary

 0418 630 240


About as long as I have been qualified. I started Reliance a very long time ago as part of a commitment to remain self employed.

I am the Managing Director but tend to hold down several other, less glamorous positions including, but not limited to janitor and dogs body!!

Watching a team deliver good outcomes to our customers, there is nothing better than seeing a plan come together.

Some of our guys almost losing their lunch when carrying a VERY DIRTY oven which was leaking a lot of fatty deposits from a home. Weak stomachs are always amusing

A very long time ago one of our site worker's dogs (a very friendly dog, I must say) had a child on the ground vigorously licking ice cream from his hands and face, much to the delight of the child, who thought it was fun, very humorous. (you had to be there!) 

I love my dirt bike. It takes me to interesting places, also, it’s difficult to respond to emails and talk on the phone when riding, so it gives me a break from the everyday.



Jeff Willey

 0418 623 484


Since the start and enjoyed every moment.

You name it! But officially, Construction Manager.

Leaving a happy client at the end of a job.

Seeing a large amount of water spill onto one of the boys head whilst removing the tarp. Lucky it was summer!

Yep, and it's a beauty, but it’s probably not appropriate here. Ask me in person.

I play comp squash, ride my dirt bike, go camping and trout fishing.


Sandi Leary


Since 2000 when we transitioned from a partnership into a company.

I'm the behind the scenes person, so that entails ensuring everything like insurances, licenses, taxes and staff management are all up to date, paid and looked after.

Spreadsheets..... Love playing with spreadsheets!

One of the guys takes photos of Westies& Cairn Terriers for me because I love and have always had Cairn Terriers and I like Westies too.

Keeping busy and hand cream – can’t survive without it (pushing all that paper around is so hard on your hands..hahaha)

I read - love a good psychological thriller and I’m crochet crazy and make stuff for charity.

I also follow Peter around in our 4WD when he's riding his dirt bike.


Alastair Atkinson

 0409 942 454


When a customer is excited and happy with the work we have done for them.

When removing an old kitchen, as we leaned the pantry cupboard over to carry it out, a dead rat fell down and landed on the apprentice. I have never seen him move so fast in my life.

On one particular job, the owner's cat kept climbing into the kitchen cupboards while we were installing them. At one point we heard this noise, and when we opened the cupboard door the cat ran out.

Play cricket during the summer months, getting out to watch the Raiders, catching up with mates over a beer and going to dinner with my wife. 


Jason Gaughran

 0408 111 531


Since 2012. Although this is actually my second time around – I loved it so much I had to come back.

Inspect, investigate issues and provide a wide range of building consultancy services.

Meeting people and developing a good solution or outcome for customers.

A horse actually nosing inside my vehicle when on a rural property and the horse would not let me pass.

Being involved in and watching my children’s sporting activities.


Lauren Blake


Reception & administration

Hearing about crazy insurance claims!

Any photo of our resident red heeler, Molly, always makes me smile.

I think it's the basket of lollies on my desk!

I participate in and teach aerial dance classes most nights a week as well as dancing competitively. Any spare time I get at home is usually spent baking or sewing.


Scott Leary

 0400 072 668


My entire career, since 2009.

Claims Manager / Estimator / Project manager

Cutting an apprentice's birthday cake on the drop saw

My dog, Molly, walking over timber floor joists on a unfinished deck.


Hayden Willey

Completing a job and seeing the finished product.

One of my co workers getting bitten by a client's poodle.

Not a pet, but a rogue possum. We were removing sheets of corrugated iron off a roof, when we pulled the first sheet off a very cranky possum jumped out and latched onto one of the other carpenters.

Camping, 4 wheel driving, getting out and enjoying the outdoors.

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