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A renovation is a great way to get the most out of your home. Inevitably, as our lives change so do the requirements that we have of our homes; we can offer advice on how you can renovate your existing home to suit your current lifestyle. We take into account your needs and work with you to deliver a design and finished space that brings your ideas to life. Throughout the construction phase our dedicated construction manager will keep you regularly updated and liaise with you to ensure the finished product will meet with your ultimate satisfaction. To discuss your options and arrange for a free quotation please contact our office.

Renovating Investment

Irrespective of whether you're planning a minor repaint, or something more ambitious like a new second story, the intended outcome of a renovating investment is the same: buy, improve the value through upgrades or renovating improvements and then enjoy a revitalised home without incurring stamp duty and moving costs.

It's essential to get some specific advice to make sure that your target property isn't about to fall down around you when someone starts banging nails into walls.

Generally speaking, the more costly areas to fix are:

  •  Roof (leaks, rotting areas)
  •  Stumps (sloping floors and walls)
  •  Rewiring and replumbing (old circuitry and copper pipes)
  •  Shower recesses
  •  Pest (particularly white ant) damage

Value Through Upgrades

Throughout the course of constructing additions is an ideal time to complete upgrades internally. Renovating individual rooms can be costly on a stand-alone basis therefore encompassing internal renovations with additions you are able to leverage additional value, all the while not having to move.

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